Did You Know Spotify Has a Voice Assistant

Did You Know Spotify Has a Voice Assistant

Though voice assistants are all the rage, did you know Spotify also offers one? Right, Spotify has a voice assistant built into its app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and it’s pretty cool. Here’s how it works.

Spotify’s voice assistant is called “Hey Spotify” You can activate it with the “Hey Spotify” voice command or several shortcuts in the Spotify app. What is it, and why might you want to use it? Let’s see.

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Did You Know Spotify Has a Voice Assistant

What Can It Do?

Hey Spotify” is primarily a way to perform basic Spotify searches using voice commands. Hence, you can say things like “Play my ‘Running’ playlist” or “Play Glass Animals“, and it will start playing whatever you choose. Using a screen is not required. You can manage songs, albums, and playlists this way.

I find custom mood playlists to be the most useful feature, however. If you ask Spotify to create an upbeat playlist, it will create one based on your listening habits. There’s no guarantee that it will work for every mood; it’s a matter of trial and error.

How to Use “Hey Spotify”

In addition to voice commands, you can use the Spotify voice assistant by using in-app shortcuts. The first command to use is “Hey Spotify

You can enable the “Hey Spotify” feature by opening the Spotify app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and tapping and holding the “Search” tab.

You will be prompted to grant the app permission to listen for “Hey Spotify” commands. Turn on “Hey Spotify” by tapping the button.

After that, you will have to grant your microphone access to the app. Follow the instructions to allow microphone access and audio recording.

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That is all there is to set up voice commands. Spotify is always open in the background so that you can say “Hey Spotify” anytime. You can use two shortcuts if you don’t want to use the wake-up command.

The first method involves holding down the “Search” tab while tapping it. The second method involves tapping the microphone icon on the “Search” page.

That’s all it takes to use Spotify’s voice assistant. There are fewer features than Alexa or Google Assistant, but that’s not the point. It will make your Spotify experience easier, and you will be able to create some customized playlists without much effort.

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