Google launched Google Pixel Watch App As they have launched Their First Pixel Smartwatch

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch:

The giant company google, who recently launched their first pixel watch, now they also launched a new app for pixel watch. With this app pixel watch, users can manage their settings of pixel watch, now this is available and live. But as the google pixel watch is not supported on iPhone so this pixel watch is not available in the apple store.

The pixel watch is only working on android devices with android 8 or above. This google pixel watch is also available in India but it doesn’t make any sense as this pixel smartwatch is not available in India. Google said that this smartwatch will only be available in Ireland, Japan, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the UK, and Taiwan.

As google launched its app, smartwatches like the Samsung galaxy 5 series and more will not have to use this app and they will continue working with their current app. With this google pixel, watch app users can customize their settings as they can manage the settings, notifications, and other apps like Spotify and more. And this app may also help to activate your eSIM on the LTE variant.

Official shows that this pixel watch app was launched on 30 Sept.

Google Pixel Watch | Prices

This google pixel’s first smartwatch was launched 6th of October with a google pixel 7 smartphone and pixel tablet.  The pixel 7 smartphone series will be available in India from October 13th on Flipkart as their pixel tablet will be launched next year.

The price of the Pixel 7 will be Rs 59,999 and the price of the Pixel 7 pro is Rs 84,999.  There will also be limited-time offers. On google pixel 7 you will get a cashback of Rs 6k and on pixel 7 pro you can get Rs 8500.

The price of google pixel watches starts from $349 for the Bluetooth variant and it will be $399 for the LTE variant.

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