How To Download Snapchat Story  

How To Download Snapchat Story  

How To Download Snapchat Story

Nowadays Snapchat is one of the most loved social media apps. Everyone is using Snapchat to make streaks with their friends and for taking selfies with different types of filters. Like other social media apps, people can also put stories on their Snapchat accounts.

If want to download someone’s story but you don’t know how to download snapchat story then there is bad news there is no option in Snapchat by which you can download others people’s stories. However, there is more way to get stories you can take screenshots of stories but that user will get a notification that you have taken screenshots of his story.

But if want to get that story without letting know to the user then there is one more option and that is screen record. You can also screen record of story and the user will don’t know that you have recorded his/her story.

How to download Snapchat story by screen recording.

How to Screen record in iOS.

  1. Open the settings, and then go to the control center.
  2. Now go to customize controls and enable screen recording.
  3. When you will enable screen recording then it will be added to the control center.
  4. Now open your Snapchat and open the story which you want to record.
  5. Now from the control center start the screen recording when you will start recording then after 3 seconds of counting down it will start recording.
  6. Now that you have done the screen recording stop it by clicking on the red bar that is on top of the screen.
  7. Your recording of the story is now saved in your gallery without knowing that user.

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How to Screen Record in Android.

  1. Open your play store and install any good screen recorder.
  2. Once you have installed it, open it and know the settings that how to start and others.
  3. Now open your Snapchat and then the story you want to record.
  4. Start the recording from the app.
  5. When you have done your recording then stop the recording from the app.
  6. Now your recording has been saved in your device.

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