How to Identify Music With Your iPhone or iPad

How to Identify Music With Your iPhone or iPad

How do I find out what song it is? With your iPhone, you can hear any song playing nearby and find out what it is. The iPhone comes with various tools for identifying songs – no apps are required. Apple has even acquired Shazam, a popular music recognition app.

You use your iPhone’s microphone to record audio around you when you ask it to listen for music. Uploading the audio data to a server and matching it with a database of known songs is then done.

How to Identify Music With Your iPhone or iPad
How to Identify Music With Your iPhone or iPad

Ask Siri What Song Is Playing

When Siri is playing a song, you can ask, “What’s that song?” or “What’s playing?”.

You can activate Siri by holding down the power button on your iPhone for a few seconds. Say, “What’s that song?”. Alternatively, you can ask Hey Siri, “What’s that song?” without pressing any buttons.

You will hear Siri say something like “Let me hear that tune” or “Name that tune.” Make sure your iPhone can hear the music well. You might not be able to hear the song clearly if you’re in a noisy area or someone is talking loudly over your music. The most common causes of audio problems can be fixed by moving your iPhone closer to the sound source playing the song, reducing ambient noise, and adjusting the volume on the speaker.

You will be able to hear the song on your iPhone if it hears it well enough. If you use Siri to identify songs, you can even find them in the iTunes Store app.

Use the Shazam Control Center Button

You can now start identifying songs using the quick Control Center button on iPhone and iPad running iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 or higher. By default, the feature is not enabled.

Head to Settings > Control Center to add the Music Recognition button to your Control Center. Tap the plus sign to the left of the Music Recognition button to add it to your Control Center. You can then drag it up or down in the list to rearrange the Control Center layout if you don’t see this option in the Settings screen. (If you don’t see this option, you haven’t updated to iOS 14.2 or iPadOS 14.2.)

You can now swipe down using the new button in the top-right corner of your iPhone or iPad’s screen. The bottom of the screen must be swiped up on older iPhones without a notch.)

Press the Shazam button. As the button listens to the surrounding sounds, it will light up and pulse. Ensure that the iPhone is capable of listening to the audio.

Upon completing the process, you will see a “Music Recognition” notification banner that shows you the song playing. You can see this notification in your notification center, along with notifications from all your other apps.

After you tap the button, you will only hear for about 10 to 15 seconds. You will see a notification if a song can’t be identified in that period.

Use an App Like Shazam for More Features

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Use an App Like Shazam for More Features

Shazam, the music recognition app Apple purchased, provides integrated music recognition features.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can install the Shazam app with more features. Shazam, for example, offers “Auto Shazam.” Shazam stays in the background on your iPhone or iPad in this mode, listening to everything around you. It also saves a history of the songs it’s heard. Imagine you are at a party and you love the playlist: You can enable Auto Shazam mode on your phone or tablet, and your phone or tablet will automatically keep track of all the songs that played. Shazam can even listen while you use another app on your device.

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You can use this feature by installing the Shazam app, launching it, and long-pressing the big Shazam button to enable Auto Shazam mode.

Or Try Humming With Google!

Even if you can only remember the song’s melody, there is still something you can do if you can’t identify a song. You can use the Google app to identify a song by humming or whistling its tune.

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