How to Import Bookmarks Into Google Chrome

How to Import Bookmarks Into Google Chrome

From another web browser, have you switched to Google Chrome? Are you using Chrome on a different device than you used to? Your old bookmarks might be a good option to import into Chrome. Learn how to do it.

What to Know About Importing Bookmarks With Chrome

Chrome’s desktop version supports direct bookmark imports from most major web browsers, such as Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Your device must have a browser installed when you import to use this method. You can export your bookmarks to an HTML file if you’re using another browser or if your browser is installed on another device. We’ll explain how to import the HTML file into Chrome in a moment.

How to Import Bookmarks Into Google Chrome
How to Import Bookmarks Into Google Chrome

Bookmarks cannot be imported into Chrome for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Instead, you can add bookmarks to Chrome on your computer and synchronize them with Chrome on your phone or tablet. We’ll explain how below.

You will find your imported bookmarks in a new folder called “Imported” if you already have bookmarks in Chrome. If your bookmarks bar is empty, your imported bookmarks will appear directly on it.

Add Bookmarks From Other Web Browsers in Chrome

Using an HTML file is another method of importing bookmarks into Chrome. Using this method, you can import bookmarks from an HTML file that you have exported from your web browser to Chrome.

Start Chrome and open the bookmarks file. Choose the three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome’s window.

To import bookmarks and settings, click Bookmarks > Import Bookmarks and Settings in the three-dot menu.

Choosing “Bookmarks HTML File” from the drop-down menu in the “Bookmarks and Settings” window, then clicking “Choose File.”

Choose the folder where you’ve saved your bookmark HTML file from the window that appears. The bookmark HTML file will be imported in to Chrome if you double-click it.

The bookmarks in the HTML file will then be imported into Chrome. When the import is complete, you will be informed. Click “Done” to dismiss this message.

Now that you have Chrome, you can access all the bookmarks you previously had.

Import Bookmarks Into Chrome on Mobile

To import bookmarks to Chrome for iPhone, iPad, or Android, add them to Chrome for a desktop computer or another mobile device and sync them from there. Make sure both instances of Chrome are using the same Google account.

Open Chrome on your phone and sync your bookmarks. Click on the three dots in Chrome’s upper right corner.

Tap “Settings” from the three-dot menu.

Scroll down to “Sync” and tap OK.

Sync everything from your Google account, including bookmarks, by enabling “Sync Everything.”. Disable “Sync Everything” and enable “Bookmarks” to sync only your bookmarks.

When the sync is complete, you’ll be able to see all your Chrome desktop bookmarks in Chrome on your mobile device. Browse your favorite sites with ease!

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