How to Pause YouTube Music History

How to Pause YouTube Music History

Your listening habits are tracked by YouTube Music, which uses them to create personalized playlists and recommendations. You may not want your whole life to contribute to that, though. However, you can pause history if you want.

Maybe you don’t want an album thrown off by your algorithm because it doesn’t fit your other music. If you’re planning on listening to some Christmas music, maybe you want to wait until February to include Burl Ives in your recommendations. Regardless of the situation, we’ll show you how to pause your history temporarily.

How to Pause YouTube Music History

Step to Step Guide How to Pause YouTube Music History

If you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or web browser, go to YouTube Music and tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

From the menu, choose “Settings.”

Tap the “Privacy & Location” option on mobile by scrolling down.

Rather than clicking the “Privacy” menu option on the YouTube Music website, click “Settings.”

The switch for “Pause Watch History” allows you to pause music, as well as watch history.

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Easy! Despite being buried in a strange spot, Google has provided this option, which prevents your listening from being recorded in your history. Even though YouTube Music isn’t as well known as other services, it offers some great features.

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