How to Save Data While Streaming Spotify

How to Save Data While Streaming Spotify

Music streaming is one of the things that can consume a lot of your data plan. Spotify offers several ways for you to save data on the go while still listening to your favourite music.

The convenience of services like Spotify depends on being connected to the internet since all your music is stored in the cloud. You can still enjoy streaming music without having to worry about your monthly data bill. We’ll show you how.

How to Save Data While Streaming Spotify

Enable Data Saver

Free and Premium Spotify subscribers access Spotify’s “Data Saver” feature. The toggle will adjust the music quality to the equivalent of 24-kbit/s and disable artist canvases (short videos appearing in the Now Playing section).

Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of Spotify on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to start listening.

A “Data Saver” section and toggles can be found at the top of the Settings. The toggles are not visible until you select “Data Saver” on an iPhone or iPad.

You will see slightly different toggles if you are a free or premium user. Switch to “Data Saver” or “Sound Quality.”

And you’re done. The quality of the music will be reduced, so your data will be saved.

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Adjust Streaming Quality

If you want more control over the audio quality, free and premium subscribers will have more precise options besides Data Saver.

After opening Spotify, it would help if you tapped the gear icon on the top-right corner of your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Continue scrolling until you reach the “Audio Quality” section. The options for audio quality are available when you tap “Audio Quality” on the iPhone and iPad.

Cellular and Wi-Fi streaming both allow you to select the audio quality. Automatically adjusts the quality according to the speed of your connection. Choose either one and adjust the quality.

There is also an Audio Quality option in Spotify for Mac and Windows. These are available in the Settings section.

Simple, right? We recommend selecting “Low” or “Normal” for “Cellular Streaming” if you aim to reduce data usage.

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Save Music for Offline Listening

Only Premium subscribers can use the last method. Using it, you can playlists and albums and listen to them offline. So, listening to them will not consume any data whatsoever. Those who pay for Spotify Premium should take advantage of this feature.

iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac users can listen to Spotify offline. Toggle a switch or tap the button to get started.

The app doesn’t allow offline listening for individual songs, but your “Liked Songs” playlist is a good trick. You can add any song to your playlist and it for offline listening.

You can use all these methods to stream music without running up excessive data charges. Ensuring you’re utilizing these features will prevent you from receiving an unusually high bill.

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