How to Set Up a Sleep Timer in Spotify

How to Set Up a Sleep Timer in Spotify

Spotify has a sleep timer that automatically stops the music after a predetermined period has passed. On this page, we’ll explain how to configure and use this feature on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

How to Set Up a Sleep Timer in Spotify

You can use Spotify’s sleep timer to time your music while you sleep. As soon as the timer expires, the playback is halted. This feature may be useful before you go to bed because it will stop your music from playing when you are asleep.

How to Set Up a Sleep Timer in Spotify

Using Sleep Timer in Spotify

Spotify’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are the only ones with a sleep timer.

Then open Spotify on your phone and turn it on. Select a song, and it will begin playing. Tap on the “Now Playing” section at the bottom.

Select the three dots in the top-right corner from the “Now Playing” screen that opens.

To set the sleep timer, scroll down the three dots menu and tap “Sleep Timer.”

You will be presented with a “Stop Audio In” screen. After specifying a period for Spotify to stop playing music, you will be prompted to do so. You can choose between five, ten, fifteen, thirty, and forty-five minutes. The 1-hour option is also available.

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After the current music track has finished playing, choose “End of Track” to stop Spotify from playing the music.

Spotify will confirm that your sleep timer has been set once you’ve selected a period.

When the timer expires, Spotify will stop playing music. Sleeping peacefully, knowing the music will not keep playing throughout the night, is now possible!

Alternatively, you can turn off the timer before it is up by opening the same three dots menu and selecting “Sleep Timer,” then tapping “Turn Off Timer.”

So that’s how you can utilize this small but extremely helpful feature in Spotify for your mobile device!

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