How to Underline in Whatsapp

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We already know how popular WhatsApp is. Almost every mobile user has WhatsApp on their device, whether they have Android, iOS, or tablets. If we go along with the play store counting on this date, WhatsApp has approx five billion+ users using this application for messaging. This instant messaging app has many features which many people still don’t know. Only messaging, putting your today’s story or status, and calling Through the internet with this app are the common features of this application. There are still more features that new users don’t know about this app.

19 20220203 210640 0018
How to Underline in Whatsapp

In today’s pandemic, you cannot be able to meet and talk face-to-face with your friends, relatives, or your loved ones. WhatsApp filled this lacking with its video calling feature. Not only that, but in the chat, you can see that when you write any website name, any number, or any special characters, then you’ll find that those are highlighted. these are some special default feature of the WhatsApp

There are more writing formats in WhatsApp, which many people do not know, specifically those new on WhatsApp. These are formats for bolding your text, making your text Italic, make your text strikethrough, or make your text monospace. You can make your text whatever you like to make by putting some specific writing characters on your message. But still, there is one thing that is not in WhatsApp that is underline the text. Yes, you cannot underline the text by WhatsApp’s default writing feature or by putting any certain character in the word WhatsApp does not allow it.

Underline the text in WhatsApp

How can I underline the text in WhatsApp?is there any way to underline the word in WhatsApp? Is it possible to underline the text without Mod WhatsApp? The answer is Yes; you can easily underline the word or text which you want to. You have to use a third-party application to do this. This app is only working on Android because iOS doesn’t allow you to use a third-party font application, but for iOS users, you can use the third-party font keyboard app to underline your text.

How to Underline text

Here we are going to discuss the third-party application, which will help you to underline the text that is the BlueWords app. It is a free application that you can easily find on the play store. Take a close look at the following steps, and before doing the steps, make sure you have an updated version of WhatsApp.

1. Install the BlueWords App on your mobile. As I already told you, you’ll easily find this app on the Play store. Open the app; you’ll be able to see many fonts on your screen.

2. Scroll down and search for the underlined text font. After finding the underline font, enter that section.

3. Entering that section, you have to type the text or message you want on the typing board, which you can see on the screen.

4. After writing your text, click on the share button on the right side, then some app icon will appear on the screen’s bottom.

5. Search for the WhatsApp icon and click on it. You will reach WhatsApp’s contact screen, then select the contact you want to send your underlined text and click the right tick button on the right-down corner. Then your contact person will see the underlying message.

6. You can also copy The text which you have written on the BlueWords app and paste it to your WhatsApp typing board and send it.

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You can also underline the text of your story/status or about with the help of the BlueWords app and the above steps. And you can also select your favorite font in that app and make your WhatsApp how you like it. I hope you enjoyed this article and found your solution. Thank you for reading this post.

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