Apple iPhone 11 – Full Specifications And Price.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 was officially launched in Sept 2019.  iPhone11 is one of the most iPhone’s successful series. This iPhone has better camera quality and more beautiful features. Let’s see the specifications of the iPhone11.


Storage. iPhone11 comes with three storage options it has 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB internal storage with 4GB RAM.

Processor. Apple iPhone11 has Apple A13 Bionic processor.

Operating System. iPhone11 supports iOS v13.O operating system.

Camera.  iPhone11 has dual camera of 12MP + 12MP and there is a single front camera of 12MP.

Display. The display type of iPhone11 is IPS LCD and the size of the display is 6.1-inch.

Battery. The battery capacity of the iPhone11 is 3110 mAh with 18W fast charging.

SIM Slots & Type.  This iPhone has dual SIM with 4G network support SIM 1 supports nano type and SIM 2 is eSIM.

Price. Price for iPhone 11 (4GB+128) is Rs 54,900.

iPhone 11

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

1. Are iPhone 11 still worth buying?

The iPhone11 has everything you’d expect from an iPhone, including iPhone 12 battery life, a great dual-lens camera with night mode, and a processor fast enough for everyday work. make. lose some new features.

2. Is iPhone 12 or 11 better?

Compared to the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 is said to be 18.4% faster in single-core tests and 17.6% faster in multi-core tests. Machine learning performance on the A14 Bionic has increased by 80% thanks to the 16-core Neural Engine.

3. How long will iPhone 11 be good for?

Most iPhones should be serviced for six or even eight years, which is much longer than just about anything available for Android devices. Whether you’re upgrading your iPhone or just want to find out if your existing smartphone is compatible with the latest iOS 16, you’ve come to the right place.

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4. What is the difference between iPhone SE and 11?

You want an updated iPhone theme. The iPhone11 has a notch in the center for Face ID (Face Unlock) instead of the outdated Touch ID fingerprint sensor, making it look more impressive on screen than the SE. It also has a much larger screen than the SE at 6.1 inches.

5. Is 64g enough for iPhone 11?

For all your apps, hours of recorded video, and tens of thousands of photos, the 64GB iPhone11/Pro/Max is more than enough. If you shoot a lot of 4K video and want to download a lot of music, games, and movies to your phone, you might want to consider a larger storage option.

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