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Mobile insurance

Accept it, you buy a smartphone not just for its features, but looks too! In fact, statistics prove that utmost people buy smartphones substantially for their satiny and stunning icon alone! sorely, statistics also prove that 90 of people drop their mobiles at least formerly a month! Lest we mention screen damage is ineluctable.

Which is the main reason, not numerous of us show the gorgeous aesthetics of our cherished phones. The sole reason being that these phones, like pieces of fine art, are fragile and do n’t come cheap. And the fear of damaging them, especially their screen is universal!
So, guarding our phones is a dereliction precedence once we buy them. And what do we do? Put a so called bulletproof ‘ Gorilla ’ screen guard. Add the big ‘ strong man ’ case to our phone. Oh! Lest we mention, after it all, leave them in a poke
made out of an nearly Kevlar- suchlike material 😊!

Do you realise by taking all the preventives over, you may have succeeded in giving your mobile that ‘ atomic ’ bit of protection! That said, you have unfortunately ‘ bettered ’ in making your gorgeous looking phone ‘ Outright Ugly ’ ☹!
You ’ve lost the sole purpose of what you bought the phone for in the first place, it’s aesthetics ! And not to mention those phone contrivers hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and gashes it took to craft that piece of art will Norway see the light of day.

Well, then’s the perfect result to your ‘ Catch 22 ’ situation, where you want to show off the stunning aesthetics of your cherished phone, and yet keep it defended. It’s called Mobile Insurance 😊!
First Effects first let’s get some myths about phone protection out of the way!

Myth 1 A screen guard will always cover your phone screen
Only to a certain extent. Your phone screen and indeed display can get damaged indeed with a screen guard. And the cheaper the quality screen guard, the further the damage!

Myth 2 A good case will always keep your phone defended
Again, only to a certain extent. Phone cases aren’t pellet evidence and damages are common with a phone case too. Besides they make your phone big and unattractive!

Myth 3 Phone insurance is precious
Presumably the biggest misconception. Do you realise that you’ll end up spending 1500 rupees or further on your so- called phone protection gear, whereas phone insurance for screen breakage costs you just a many hundred rupees! You did n’t know that did you 😊!

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