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How to reverse image search on your phone and computer?

reverse image search Many of us turn to Google to search for information, but sometimes we want to know more about an image. So the question arises, where does it come from? Is it true or false? You can also do image search in Google and it is known as reverse image search. It’s easy to do a reverse image search on your PC or Mac, but the process is a little different if you want to do it on your smartphone. How to do Reverse Image Search on PC and Smartphone? Learn

Inverse Image Search lets you search for images instead of words or phrases. You can take an image you found on Pinterest – from clothing to desk lamps. You can take a picture of a flower and reverse image search can tell you what kind of flower it is. Standard text search cannot do this. But it is very easy in image search.

How to do reverse image search on your computer?

for google-
Simply open the image search page for Google on your computer or laptop in any browser – <एक शीर्षक =”” href=”” लक्ष्य =””>

or to bing
Or you can click on the camera icon to the right of the search box to upload the image manually.

You may have seen this image on a site and want to know more about it. If you want, you can find the image by entering the URL here. This is very useful when you’re looking for the original source of an image on Pinterest or Facebook. Like a normal search, your results will appear.

How to do reverse image search on your smartphone? But don’t like the process on your desktop computer.
Google has, on a limited basis, made the reverse image search function available on phones and tablets. There are two ways to do reverse image search on your smartphone-

1) When you open on Safari or Chrome mobile browser, you will not see the camera icon in the search bar. To get it, you’ll need to load the desktop version on your mobile device. On this same page in Chrome, tap the three-dot menu at the top and scroll down. Tap Desktop Site. This will load the desktop version in your Android and you will see the camera icon. Now you can upload photos from your phone by tapping on this camera icon.

2) The Chrome browser app for your Android also supports the reverse image search workaround. When you visit a website and see an image you want to learn more about, hold down your finger on the image until a pop-up menu appears; Tap on Search Google for this image at the bottom. This will not work in the Google app or other browsers

If for some reason this doesn’t work, you can also choose to open image in a new tab. Then copy the URL, go back to and paste in the URL. As with any method, reverse image search results show up; You have to click on the More size option at the top to see only the images. You’ll find options for your query, such as an animated GIF, clip-art, or the color scheme used in the original picture.

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