Streaming Music? You Should Be Making Your Own Playlists

Streaming Music You Should Be Making Your Own Playlists

As streaming music services have become more and more common, playlists have become an increasingly important part of how we listen to music. Many people, however, fail to take advantage of playlists. There are a lot of good pre-made playlists to choose from, but you should make your own.

Traditionally, a “playlist” has been a compilation of songs that a radio DJ plays. These days, playlists are more like mixtapes. There’s usually a theme behind this collection of songs. I’ll explain why you should make your own if you don’t already.

Streaming Music You Should Be Making Your Own Playlists
Streaming Music You Should Be Making Your Own Playlists

The Perfect Music for Every Occasion

Creating playlists for special occasions is one of my favourite things to do. It is possible to use pre-made playlists for these situations, but I prefer many factors to consider, including holidays, seasons, vacations, moods, and activities.

An old-fashioned Christmas playlist has something extra cosy about it. I always have the perfect music playing during a run to motivate me. A sunny day in early May has you feeling like it’s summer? Here’s a playlist to get you through that.

Creating your playlists has the advantage that you can make them for literally anything you want. There are tons of mood-enhancing playlists that you can make. You can set a playlist to make pizza, walk through the park, study at a coffee shop, get hyped up for the big game, feel sad, or do anything else you can imagine.

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Share Playlists With Your Favorite People

It used to be an expression of affection to make a mixtape for someone, and I think that’s still true of playlists. A personal touch is better than an automated system like Spotify.

Creating a playlist for someone can mean a lot because music is so personal. This is a nice way to share your taste in music with someone, show them what you like, or give them a song that makes them think of you.

Sharing playlists is also an excellent way to share music with others. When you’re on a road trip with friends, you can make a playlist. Make a playlist for your favourite holiday with your significant other. The convenience of playlists makes it super easy to share music with others.

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Be Uniquely You

While Spotify works hard to make playlists tailored to your tastes, it can only do so much. Algorithm-made playlists aren’t the only option. Are you the only one who will put All American Rejects and Doja Cat on the same playlist? You are the only one!

You have to figure out what works best for you. There will not be enough people who make their playlists, but they’re missing out. I find it very satisfying to have my custom cover art on a playlist I know inside and out.

Let your music have a personal touch. You can’t make the perfect playlist overnight. Finding the right mix for the situation can take a little time, but once you find it, you’ll be happier knowing that you found it.

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