WhatsApp Has Introduced New Feature, Now You Can Hide Your Online Status


WhatsApp has launched its new privacy update for users. Now in WhatsApp, you can hide your online status in chats, this is one of the biggest updates by WhatsApp. There are more privacy updates on which WhatsApp should take look but this update is also very good for users.

So, if you don’t want that your WhatsApp can see your online status then you can hide them from the settings, but if you will hide your online status from contacts then you also can’t see their online status also same as the last seen settings.

Now as WhatsApp updating its privacy settings, its getting difficult for users to know whether they are blocked or not by someone as now users can hide their DP, Online Status, and Status so it is difficult to know users that they are blocked or not as there is only one possible way to know by messaging them if in the chat if it shows to check marks then you are not blocked and if there is one check then you might we blocked.


But there will be also some confusion like may be receiver’s internet might off you all know that if your internet is off then it will do only one check and when the receiver is on their internet and you are not blocked then there will you see two checks otherwise you won’t able to know that you are blocked or not.

However, the new feature of WhatsApp is now available and you can use it.

Following are steps on how you can hide your online status from other people.

How To Hide Your Online Status From The Others Contacts On WhatsApp

  1. You have to open your WhatsApp and then click on the right side’s three dots icon.
  2. Now, click on the settings then on the account and after that, you have to click the privacy option.
  3. When you will click on the privacy option then there will be an option “Last Seen and Online” you have to click on it and then there will you see “Same as last seen” and “Nobody,” options when if you will click on nobody then your online status will be hide from all peoples. You can also select the “My Contacts” option. Then only your contacts can see your online status.

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